Experiences in Vigna

Immersed in the truest Tuscany

Have lunch among the vineyards in Monteriggioni

Every experience you can have here is wonderful.

We fell in love with this location as soon as we saw it and we see each other again in the amazement of every person who arrives here for the first time. We have arranged the tables in the middle of the rows of Chianti because every moment savored in full contact with nature has a unique value, all the more important for those who have to treasure it before returning to the city. A nature that you will also find on your plate, thanks to our preparations with ingredients at zero kilometers.

Ristorante Monteriggioni | La Dama nella Vigna
Ristorante Monteriggioni | La Dama nella Vigna
In contact with nature

Emotions for all the senses

Many different and suggestive spaces for moments of real pleasure enjoying genuine preparations in contact with the nature that produced them.

Choose our cutting boards produced with the best selection of cured meats and cheeses from local companies, traditional Tuscan dishes, the innovative proposals of our chef and close your eyes savoring a good glass of wine.

Now open your eyes again, it's not a dream: it's the beauty of Tuscany.


Choose your best experience

The ideal choice for your special occasions

Location for events in Monteriggioni

In the large indoor and outdoor spaces of our restaurant in Monteriggioni you can experience your event in complete tranquility: intimate rooms, verandas that in the cold season become a romantic winter garden, secluded tables among the vineyards and areas dedicated to birthdays and parties between friends.

Whatever experience you imagine, here you can only share it with the people you want.

Ristorante Monteriggioni | Dama nella vignaRistorante Monteriggioni | Dama nella vignaRistorante Monteriggioni | Dama nella vignaRistorante Monteriggioni | Dama nella vigna